Wednesday 1 July 2015

Printmakers Cat

In the beginning of 2013 I was contacted by a book publisher Mascot Media to see if I could like to contribute to a new book they were publishing called the Printmakers Cat. Of course I couldn't refuse. I wasn't sure what to expect but sent over a couple of images of my cat prints and wrote a small piece about myself and waited to see what would happen. At that time I didn't have a cat as sadly my 20 year old cat had died a few years previously so all the neighbours cats and every cat that came into the garden was fair game to be made into an artwork!

A few months later a parcel arrived with two copies of the book and I couldn't wait to get to my page!

Of course all my friends and family got a copy of the book for Christmas too!

The beginning of this year I had a message from the publisher saying they wanted to produce a revised softback copy of the book with added artists and if I wanted to add a few more images I could. By this time I had a new cat Morpheus and I had done loads of artworks based on him! It was difficult choosing which prints to send in as I had so many!

I narrowed it down to a few favourites a "Dreamy" collagraph print from when he was a tiny kitten!

Dreamy Collagraph Print
 And a "Play With Me" collagraph print too.
Play With Me! Collagraph Print
  A couple of my very popular cats in hats prints!
Captain Jack Kitty Collagraph Print
Happy Kitty Collagraph Print
 And a couple of linocut prints.
Kitten Cute Linocut Print

Kitten Play Linocut Print
 I was pleased to see all of these were accepted into the new book and I ended up with a double page spread and one of my linocut prints also featured on the back of the book!

Morpheus the cat really loves being in a book!

The book is available direct from the publishers Mascot Media or from Amazon 

Clare xx