Tuesday 2 June 2015

Cat Helper!

My mews Morpheus the cat turned two a few weeks ago so I thought I'd look back on some of his adventures and a few of the many artworks he has inspired!

Here he is tiny and curled up with his mum Pixie, I couldn't resist that little face!

And here he is two years later helping out with printing some bags with his smiling face on them of course!
Steampunk Cat Linoprinted Bags
He likes to help out when I'm painting and for some reason loves hiding behind my easel and also grabbing any paintbrush he sees!

My easel always has legs!
He can also be a bit of an art critic and can't have liked this painting as a few seconds later he pushed it to the floor in disgust and it ended up with a huge hole in it!
He also likes to help out with framing, usually making sure he leaves a few of his hairs inside the frame as an extra special touch!
Dreamy Collagraph Print
At Christmas time he likes to send out his special Christmas cards to all his friends. Here he is surpervising the design process!
Christmas Kitty Card  
But the one thing he loves the most is posing in costume for the many Cat in Hats series of paintings! (Don't tell him his arch enemy the Ginger Cat has posed too as he won't be happy!)
Cats in Hats Acrylic Paintings
There will be lots more cat themed artwork to come as I still can't resist that little face!

Clare xx


  1. Being a cat lover and having a cat of my own, I just love this post...from the photos to the art! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you, I just couldn't resist sharing my little helper!

  2. These photos are spectacular! My studio assistant is much more mellow.