Friday 24 July 2015

Crazy Cat Lady!

I've been doing a lot of arty networking recently and I have been finding sometimes when I introduce myself as soon as that person hears my name they say "Are you the cat lady?" I always then think of the Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons cartoon!

I admit I have been doing a lot of cat themed artwork recently especially since I got my very cute black and white cat Morpheus a few years ago!

Who could resist this little face!

 My very first painting of him when he was still a kitten.
Kitten Acrylic Painting

 My very first and still my favourite collagraph print of him as a kitten!
Dreamy Collagraph Print
 I started doing quite a few collagraph prints of him dressed in his finest hats!
Captain Jack Kitty Collagraph Print
 Even printed him onto bags!
Steampunk Cat Bags

I also do an ever expanding range of acrylic paintings of him in various disguises! Also occasionally featuring his mortal enemy the ginger cat who is always trying to steal his food!

Cats in Hats acrylic paintings
 He even has his own Christmas card too!
Christmas Cat!

And he has been featured in the Printmaker Cat book with a double page spread of all my prints of him!
Printmakers Cat Book
So I suppose I can see why people know me as the Cat Lady, hope they don't start adding the Crazy part soon though!

Clare xx

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