Monday 3 August 2015

Printing Artwork Cushions!

I love making my artwork more accessible to people so really enjoy printing my art onto different items other than paper. I've worked a little with wearable art - printing onto fabric and then making into fabric cuffs like these examples:
Hand printed flower fabric cuff

Hand printed Steampunk tentacle fabric cuff

Recently I decided the living room needed a little brightening up so I thought I'd print a few cushion covers for myself. I'm now a bit addicted and can't stop making them!

Heres one I made from some scraps of fabric and a Steampunk Cat linocut image.

Some Linocut beer bottle cushions!

 I decided to then have a go at making a few to sell and had a search through some of my existing lino printing plates and I know that cats are always really popular so couldn't resist trying out my black cat lino prints onto fabric! Loved printing onto the pinky/purple fabric as its thick wool felt and took the ink really well.

Black Cats drying!

The finished Black Cat Cushion

Black Cat Cushion in blue

Next I had to try my hippo linocut printing plate!
The finished Purple Hippo Cushion
Of course when I'm taking the photos of any of my items my favourite model Morpheus the cat always likes to supervise!  Not sure what he is saying about this cushion but it all got too much for him and he had to have a little sleep!

Looking forward to printing a few more cushions soon!

Clare xx


  1. These are brilliant. I especially love the cat ones and the beer bottles, but they're all gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE your prints!
    And the cuffs too!

  3. Really great prints, thanks for sharing! I think the cats are my favourites.