Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Well it has been a bit of a mad week and you can see why! This is Morpheus the dream kitten and he was just so cute I couldn't resist him!

I've been inspired to do lots of paintings of him but he does like to help usually by chewing the paintbrush!
Black & White Kitten

He doesn't stay still for very long so getting photos to work from has been a bit difficult!

Here is he is with his favourite toy a rattly ball that he likes to get you to throw and he will fetch it back for more (I'm sure he thinks he is a dog!)

Today I decided to do a few watercolour paintings of him until he pushed a full jar of water into my lap and decided my watercolour paints were a new fun toy!

Sleepy Kitten
Kitten Charm
Kitten & Ball
I've also been doing a bit of linocut printing as he looked so cute in this pose!
Kitten Play

Kitten Cute

  I can see much more kitten themed artwork to come!