Thursday, 27 June 2013

Turkish Cats

I've recently got back from a 12 day holiday touring round Turkey. I had an amazing time and ended up with over 1250 photos! I can't wait to start working on my photos and making some really atmospheric prints soon but while I was sorting through my photos I discovered I'd taken a huge amount of cat photos most of them asleep on some ancient monument!

Ephesus Cat

ACEO Snoozy Cat

 I couldn't resist painting a few ACEOs of these cats. ACEOs are very collectable tiny artworks - Art Cards Editions or Originals and are 2.5 x 3.5" in size. They are a great size for painting all the photos that I normally would never use in my larger artwork but just need to be painted somewhere!
ACEO Serene Cat
ACEO Cat Sleep
ACEO Listening Cat
ACEO Cat Doze

Wherever I go I usually pick up a cat or two, heres me making friends at Troy!

Also just had to paint the nesting storks that were nesting all the over the columns!
ACEO Nesting Stork

Clare xx