Friday, 11 January 2013


 I've just been looking round my studio (or spare room as its normally known!) and realised I'm getting a bit obsessed with elephants at the moment!

This is just a few of the many elephants taking over the bed!

 It probably started with this acrylic painting from last year, I had such fun painting all the textures and colours and it sold in an open exhibition.The cards I have produced featuring him have been very popular!

After a recent visit to the local zoo to get more elephant photos - I then painted a few watercolour ACEOs featuring elephants.

 This led to a few larger watercolours!

 And then I started on the prints!
I love making the elephant collagraph prints as it is the perfect medium for getting all those lovely wrinkles and textured skin. I couldn't resist doing a purple elephant too after almost selling out of my purple hippo collagraph prints!

Purple Elephant
Elephant Stroll

I've also been experimenting with my new Gocco printer so of course I had to try an elephant print!

Elephant Stand

 This is my latest large acrylic painting, only just finished and being entered into a local competition.

I've still got lots more photos to work from and I don't think my elephant obsession is quite finished yet so I may need a bigger room to house all my elephants!

Clare xx