Tuesday, 17 July 2012


My boyfriend calls me the mad cat woman!

Nearly a year ago my 20 year old cat died and I was completely devastated. I'd had her from the age of 3 so was lost without her. Over time, knowing the coast was now clear, all the neighbourhood cats started creeping into the garden and having some cat food left I didn't want to waste it so started feeding them (and encouraging them in!)

My favourite is Zack, he is a huge black and white cat that I have seen around the street for years but only recently discovered his history. He belongs to the fencing yard a few doors down and was found as a tiny kitten in a bag of sand that was delivered there and they have kept him ever since! He looks a big bruiser but is a little softy although he loves swiping at any hands left dangling! He has a rip in his ear and only one canine tooth left but loves being tickled under his chin!

Just don't tickle his tummy or you will have no hands left!
He goes from house to house looking cute and asking for food when the yard isn't open and has a regular appointment with the house opposite for his Sunday lunch leftovers!  

He used to love sitting on our bin in the sun and flirting with my cat through the window but she hated him and would hiss and then hide under the bed! He now comes in and has lots of food and fuss and can often be found on the sofa having his Sunday afternoon snooze! I love painting animals so thought I would do a watercolour of him and it was so popular that I just can't stop! I now have so many paintings of him (you can see where the mad part comes in!) and have now started printing him everywhere! He even has his own range of lavender scented bags but don't tell him as it would ruin his street cred!

His favourite toy a piece of string!