Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How to print an elephant!

I've become a bit obsessed with producing elephant themed artwork at the moment. I've been doing lots of paintings but I thought the perfect medium for an elephant is a collagraph print as it would be great for achieving the textures and lines of an elephants skin.

I'm always getting asked how I produce my prints so I thought I would photograph each step as I went along (and I'm amazed I didn't get my camera covered in ink!)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Animal Art

I'm getting slightly obsessed with painting animals at the moment!

Sadly we lost my gran a few months ago and while going through all the many letters, photos etc we found lots of the drawings I had given her over the years, many in little frames where she had displayed them throughout her bungalow. Every one of them was of an animal so I think my obsession must have started at a very early age!

Most of my early drawings and paintings have disappeared so it is nice to have a few to look back on. Luckily even then I signed and dated everything so I now have a unique record of my work.

This little horse I drew when I was aged 12.

Another horse from when I was 12.

Little doggie from when I was 13.

My dog Kasia from when I was 18 (she did have a lump on the side of her face, its not just a wonky drawing!)

 I'm still painting dogs and horses, although cats do feature quite heavily now! 

And my painting style is a bit more dramatic!

 But I don't think my style has changed too much over the years and I'm still obsessing over animals!

Clare xx