Saturday 17 February 2024

Printing a Staircase!


After visiting Picton Castle last year I was fascinated by the crumbling staircase there and I really wanted to depict it as a collagraph print. I finally got round to making the printing plate the end of last year but I really felt it needed something more so I made another printing plate to go over the top with crackles on it. I felt this really depicted the age and added a bit more interest and depth.

I inked up and printed both of the printing plates at the same time.

Inking up and wiping both printing plates below.

The first printing plate was printed on my etching press of the staircase inked up in blue/black ink.

I kept the paper caught under the roller of the printing press so it wouldn't move and then placed the crackle plate inked with yellow ochre printing ink ready to print.

This was then printed on top of the staircase print. (A little of the staircase ink transfers to the printing plate too!)

The finished collagraph print hot off the printing press!

I'm really enjoying playing with crackle plates at the moment so will be doing lots more experimenting!

Clare x

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