Tuesday 28 July 2020

Painting a Mad Hatter Tiger

I decided to have a go at filming myself while painting, it was my first time so I was a bit nervous! I treated myself to a tripod for my camera and thought I'd have a go with one of my favourite subjects, a tiger.

I managed to attach my camera to a chair to keep it steady. I did discover the camera was in the way quite a lot and also my hand kept blocking the view as I was painting, so next time I might set it up a bit differently,  but in the end it wasn't too bad. I also knocked the camera a couple of times but luckily it isn't too noticable in the finished version of the video! 

I've speeded up the video and made over an hour of painting into just over a minute, wish I could always paint that fast!

Here's the finished painting:
Mad Hatter Tiger - Acrylic Painting
I've also made it into a greeting card:

Mad Hatter Tiger - Greeting Card
And a badge set:

Steampunk Tigers - Badge Set
So I have tigers everywhere!

I'm looking forward to another foray into filming soon!

Clare xx

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