Wednesday 30 July 2014

Tiger, Tiger

As it was Global Tiger Day yesterday I thought I'd share some of the tiger artworks I have produced over the years, I didn't quite realise there would be so many!

I will start with my favourite - Sleepy Tiger. I couldn't resist painting this little cutey fast asleep, I just want to tickle her under the chin!
Sleepy Tiger Acrylic Painting
 I think this was my first tiger painting and it has proved to be the most popular greeting card I have ever sold!
Tiger Acrylic Painting
 A really challenging painting - Tiger Roar. Trying to get that mouth and teeth to look right!
Tiger Roar Acrylic Painting  

I loved painting this one as it has such a lovely face!
Tiger Smile Acrylic Painting

Tiger Stand
 A watercolour and ink painting.
Regal Tiger Watercolour Painting
  Lots of tiger ACEOs all sold out almost as soon as I had painted them! Art Card Edition and Originals - mini pieces of art 3.5 x 2.5"

Watercolour ACEOs
 Couldn't resist a purple tiger collagraph print to go with my purple animal print collection!
Purple Tiger Collagraph Print
 A Steampunk Tiger looking rather dapper in his bowler hat and goggles!
Steampunk Tiger Acrylic Painting
 Had to try him in a top hat too!
Topper Tiger Acrylic Painting

Of course I just had to make some of the paintings into greeting cards too!
Tiger Greeting Cards
I'm sure there will be lots more tiger artworks soon as they are such beautiful creatures!

Clare xx


  1. Awesome paintings, Clare!
    I love cats, big and small :)
    stopping by via EBT!

  2. wonderful paintings, I love tigers