Wednesday 9 July 2014

Captain Jack Oil Painting

I love seeing behind the scenes of how an artwork is produced so thought I would take a few photographs of the different steps of my new oil painting!

This is Captain Jack Kitty. Its one of my most popular acrylic paintings and I really wanted to do a slightly different bigger version in oils.
Captain Jack Kitty - Acrylic - 20 x 20cm

Of course it had to feature the top pirate cat Morpheus in his most swashbuckling pose!
  •  I always do an acrylic underpainting first to get rid of the white canvas and to make sure everything looks right but I forgot to take a photo of this! 
  • Below is about half an hour of throwing some oil paint on the canvas just to get some shapes.

  •  A bit more definition all over and I decided to make his eyes a bit bigger and less squinty.
  • Again more definition especially on the eyes as I always think if the eyes don't look right the whole painting won't work.
  • The finished painting just waiting to dry!

I love painting my cat Morpheus as he always has a cute little smile which his black chin accentuates!
I wanted him to be a bit of a scruffy looking pirate and I think it works!

Clare xx


  1. Fabulous work Clare. I do love a red background against a blue cat, it's a very striking combination. And of course Morpheus does make the purrrrfect model for Captain Jack! Love the earring too.

  2. He looks great, well done

  3. Looks super! It's great when the subject & art process come together...