Monday 16 September 2013

More Kittens!

Kitten Charm Acrylic Painting
I couldn't resist doing another blog about my new little kitten Morpheus, although he is growing up fast and won't be a kitten for very long!

Helping me pack for my latest exhibition!

 I love taking photos of him and can't stop painting him, he is just too cute! His favourite thing at the moment is playing with the bathroom tap, he loves watching the water. Although every time he gets his paws wet he is still shocked and never seems to learn! He has also fallen down the toilet a couple of times by being too inquisitive!


I sometimes wonder if he thinks he is a dog though as he loves fetching his ball for you to throw and can do it for hours without getting bored. Also whenever we play in the garden he always likes to find and bring a stick in to play with him and he loves to grab all the letters when they comes through the letterbox!

He also loves to follow me everywhere and wants to help me with everything. Here he is helping me take photos of my latest paintings, of him of course!

Kitten Grin Acrylic Painting   

I've just started doing a series of collagraph prints of him. The first is called Dreamy - he does dream a lot usually of either eating or chasing things!

Dreamy Collagraph Print

I've just started doing another today so here is a sneak preview, still lots of work to do!

I'm hoping to exhibit my prints of him at the new Staffordshire Enjoy Art group exhibition at Cannock Chase Museum starting 21st October so I better stop playing with my kitten and get printing him!

Clare xx


  1. Morpheus is so very cute I can understand you wanting to paint him all the time. Love the one with the red background, really makes him stand out. The dreamy collagraph is brilliant too! Hope you keep on painting him even when he's all grown up!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure I will be painting him for many years to come and he can only get cuter!
      Clare xx

  2. Morpheus is so cute...lovely paintings!

  3. What a great subject! Cute! Visiting through Etsy team discussions.