Sunday 7 July 2024

Tiger Sleeping Collagraph Print


Printing a "Tiger Sleeping" Collagraph Print!

I thought it was about time I started editioning this print first started back in 2021! About a month after I proofed this print I ended up in hospital for three days which led to major mobility problems and I couldn't do any printmaking for over two years, so I think I have a good excuse for not editioning him yet!

First of all I cover the collagraph printing plate in Caligo Safewash blue/black etching ink. Then this is wiped off with newspaper and tissue paper. This leaves the ink in all the fine textures of the printing plate but any shiny surfaces are wiped clean of ink.

This is a two colour collagraph print but it is printed all in one go through the printing press. The orange colour is added using a technique called a la poupée, meaning "with a doll", which refers to the wad of fabric, shaped like a ball that is used to apply the ink in selected placesI use a small stencil to mask off anywhere I don't want the orange ink to go and the ink is applied by a small dabber. 

Tiger 'Sleeping print hot off my etching press!

Many more tiger prints to come!

Clare x 

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