Sunday 16 February 2020

Art Studio

I thought I'd introduce you all to my art studio where I produce all my artwork and which started out in my spare room and now seems to have gradually spread all around my flat!

My lovely table-top etching press taking pride of place in my studio. It's very well used and a little bit inky, as its quite a few years old now, but has printed many tigers, hippos, cats etc and is still going strong!

Lots of inks etc being supervised by Morph and Kermit!

My desk, which I was very proud of managing to put together when I had a flatpack building frenzy when I first moved in. Including my best purchase of last year, a badge maker, which has proved incredibly popular at all of my selling events.

I was trying to keep all my artwork activities in my spare room but because the light is amazing in my living room I seem to end up painting in there instead and have gradually taken over my dining table! 

A very sneaky look at what I am working on at the moment. Two brand new collagraph printing plates, lots more work to do on them but I should be proofing them very soon. I will never learn to not leave my hot chocolate near my artwork, I've lost track of how many times I've dipped my brush in it!

Just to show that I definitely do take over everywhere - an improvised drying rack for my hand printed tote bags in my main bathroom! I also use the bath to soak my paper when I am printing so its a good job I have an en-suite shower room I can use too!

I'm house hunting at the moment so hopefully I will have a brand new studio to show you soon too!

Clare xx

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