Saturday 21 November 2015

From a Ginger Cat to a Pirate!

How to turn a simple photo of a ginger cat into many prints and paintings!

This is the naughty ginger cat that comes and visits us and very often steals my cats food! He had such a cute face that I had to take a photo of him and I couldn't resist using him in a few of my artworks!

This is a quick photoshopped version of him as a pirate about to raid my cats food dish, which I used as a template to paint him from.
Pirate Ginger Cat Acrylic Painting
 I then decided to paint him as one my Cats in Hats series of square acrylic paintings. Here he is with my tuxedo cat Morpheus in his various costumes!
Cats in Hats Acrylic Paintings
He proved really popular so I had to make him into a greeting card.
Pirate Ginger Cat Greeting Card
Next I decided to make him into a lino print to go with my Steampunk Cat lino print.
Steampunk Happy Cat Linocut Print

Pirate Ginger Cat Linocut Print
Once I had the lino printing plate ready I just had to print up a few Pirate tote bags.
Pirate Ginger Cat Tote Bag

Pirate Ginger Cat Red Tote Bag

 And of course a cushion!
Pirate Ginger Cat Hand Printed Cushion
I don't know his name but when he nexts visits I will have to give him some commission in the form of some crunchies for giving me so much inspiration!

Clare xx

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