Tuesday 28 April 2015

Painting the Colosseum!

Colosseum Purple Watercolour Painting
We went to Rome a few years ago and ever since then I have been obsessed with painting the Colosseum. I still remember it taking my breath away when we came out from the station and saw it looming right in front of me! I love painting arches, windows, ruins and strong shadows so this was perfect for me!

I've painted it quite a few times in watercolour but I've been experimenting a bit with oil painting recently so thought I'd try to paint it in oils! Heres a few photos of behind the scenes of my painting (some of the photos were taken at night so not the best quality):

The very first sketch onto the canvas with a rough wash of acrylic paint just to get an idea of the structure.

First layer of oil paint to establish some tones and colours. I always paint everything at the same time and lots of layers.

 Lots more tones and a funny greeny colour has appeared!

Brightened up the Italian sky and added a few purple dark tones.

Starting to come together. I can't resist the purple and blues in the shadows!

Pretty much finished, I just like to live with a painting for a while to see if I can spot anything thats not quite right!

Colossuem Oil Painting
The finished oil painting! 

I'm off to Sicily soon so can't wait to be inspired by lots more Italian architecture!

Clare xx

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