Wednesday 22 October 2014

Cats, Cards, Calendars and Necklaces!

This is my cat Morpheus my mews!

I've done a lot of paintings of him which have been spreading recently to lots of new projects!

The paintings I like doing the most are the small square acrylic paintings of him in various hats/costumes! (Don't worry I don't really force him to wear my hats and goggles, I think he would have had my hand off if I tried!)
Happy Kitty

Pirate Kitty

Kitty Potter

Captain Jack Cat
These have been really fun to do and have proved to be very popular. So popular I started printing cards featuring my cat in hat paintings.

Steampunk Cards
When it came to the time of year to start getting my calendars printed I couldn't resist doing a Steampunk Animal Painting calendar featuring of course Morpheus the cat and friends!
Steampunk Animal Calendar 2015
Recently I have been working with Gemma from SparklesbyGem who has produced some lovely necklaces featuring my artwork and of course they had to be Morpheus with his hats! The only problem is they are so nice I don't really want to part with them!
Kitty Potter Necklace

Captain Jack Cat Necklace

Happy Kitty Necklace
I'm not sure what we are going to be doing next but of course for all this modelling he does get his commission in extra crunchies!

Clare xx

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  1. What cute and fun paintings! And I love the idea for the calendar! Great work!