Monday 13 May 2013

Purple Animals!

I'm getting obsessed again! There seems to be purple animals everywhere I look!

It all started with a purple hippo collagraph print that I printed to sell in the Little Hippo Shop last year. I love purple and when it came time for me to proof print the hippo the only colour that came to mind was purple!
Purple Hippo
Next came an elephant, I did originally print him in black but he just didn't look right so he had to be purple too!

Purple Elephant
Then I had a trip to the zoo with my friend and we spent a lot of time at the penguin enclosure so a purple penguin it had to be!

Purple Penguin
Another trip to the zoo and a purple pig was the result!

Purple Pig
A purple tiger and rhino soon followed.
Purple Tiger
Purple Rhino
 Then I just had to print a purple cat, it took a lot of bribery to get this pose!

Purple Cat
Well it seems I'm not the only one that likes purple animals as I've sold out of the purple hippo print not long after Christmas and the others are proving very popular too. Most of them seem to have gone to Canada, I'm not sure what this says! 

I've even done a couple of animals in pink too just because I needed to see a pink elephant!

I've just been working on a brand new big eyed purple cat design and here he is printed on a bag on display at the new We LoVe crafts shop in Wolverhampton.

I really must stock up on some more purple ink for my next series of purple animal prints!

Clare xx


  1. You can never have too much purple in book :-)
    Great to see all these in one go to Clare, I think the Tiger has to be my favorite although the penguin is cute too

    1. Thank you, its great to see them all together. Hmmm could see an exhibition featuring all purple animals, that could be interesting!
      Clare xx

  2. Love them, really original!