Monday 11 June 2012

Pet Portraits

My Commission!
I love painting animals and have painted pet portraits for friends and family and always really enjoyed it but last week I had my first proper commission from the general public!! 

It was for a very cute border terrier for a birthday present. I had a decent photo to work from so I thought no problem this will be fun. I printed off the photo to start work and then found myelf getting distracted by something else. I sat down to start again and then something else distracted me! This went on for a while until I realised I was actually scared of starting the painting and kept putting it off! I think because it was a proper commission and a present at that it was scaring me from even putting brush to paper and its always daunting seeing that white piece of paper looking back at you! Normally I will just dive in there and see what happens and if it all goes wrong well it doesn't really matter. But this one had to look like the dog and I had to please someone other than myself!
Luckily once I started painting it all went well and I really enjoyed painting her and hopefully next time won't seem quite so scary and I'm actually looking forward to seeing what my next commission will be! I've put on my advert for the pet portraits any animal accepted so I'm half expecting a spider or lizard one day which could be quite interesting!

Clare xx


  1. Looks great! Wishing you many more commissions!

  2. They look great! I'm sure you'll get lots of commissions in the future!

  3. Morning! Have nominated you for a Versatile Blog award