Monday, 7 May 2012

Queen of the Castle!

Morpeth Castle
Just got back from 5 days in my very own castle and I still can't believe I was allowed to have a whole castle to play in! It was Morpeth Castle in Northumberland, quite a drive but well worth it!

Window halfway up the spiral staircase!
Spiral Staircase
 The castle was amazing (my boyfriend knows how much I love castles so it was a really special present from him!) it was really secluded up a narrow lane and completely closed off from the modern world. Once I opened the huge wooden door it was like stepping back in time with a stone spiral staircase right to the roof and ramparts you could walk all the way round (and drop boiling oil on anyone going past!) I must have ran up and down the spiral staircase so many times that first day as my legs were so stiff the next day!

The view from the castle ramparts!
Inside it was really tastefully decorated, very comforatble but still keeping to the period with long oak dining table and antique furniture everywhere. I kept expecting someone to pop out and tell me not to sit on the furniture! It was also a bit spooky, lots of creaky windows and floors, especially at night!

We also visited quite a few other castles in the area and I took over 400 photos! I'm now feeling quite inspired so expect there to be lots of castle themed artwork coming soon!

Clare xx

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  1. I's seems a very charming castle! I love castles and old houses too!